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Tooth Implants


Affordable, Quality Implants by Dentists you can trust

Having your implants done by our world-class certified expert dentists in Ontario offers many benefits to you as it eliminates several negative outcomes of leaving a lost tooth untreated.

No matter your age, if you have a missing tooth or more, our implant service can restore your ability to chew and smile with confidence.

Once there is a tooth or more missing, a space becomes obvious and the only way to close such a space is to have an implant. Getting an implant is the most effective means to achieving a stabilized ability to bite, chew, and grind. An implant comprises a titanium screw which acts as a root with an artificial tooth placed on the top.

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We will help replace the areas of missing teeth with implants which create a better rugged and stronger foundation in preserving the remaining bone structure. The end result is that it provides you with a healthier smile.

Regardless of age or gender, as long as a patient has sufficient bone remaining to accept the implant, he/she is a candidate for one. Once a patient is considered healthy enough to have a tooth extracted, he/she qualifies for the procedure and if there are any health issue concerns, the Tooth Corner will advise you on other possible options available to you besides implants.

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