The Tooth Corner Dental Offices in Ontario Canada
tooth paste and brush
by Ashok Panda 19th May 2022

Oral Hygiene Routine – Basics of Oral Health

Did you know that along with other things, the general health of your body is directly linked to your oral health? This makes it essential to practice...

healthy tooth
by Ashok Panda 15th March 2022

8 Tips for Healthier and Stronger Teeth

Achieving strong and healthy teeth takes more than just brushing your teeth daily. From the kind of food you eat to your habits, everything plays a pa...

Tooth extraction
by Ashok Panda 29th November 2021

Post-Operative Dental Care Tips

Post-operative care is crucial for recovery with all types of surgery. When it comes to dental procedures, post-operative dental care should be your n...

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