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If you are experiencing pain or have an emergency, call 905-275-3368 immediately.

How to Deal with Some Common Dental Emergencies.


Dental Emergencies:

Most issues can be avoided with preventive care, but emergencies may still happen from time to time. The following information will help guide you and your loved ones in case of an emergency:

The Tooth Corner has been handling dental emergencies for well over 15 years now. We make sure we always leave room in our schedule to squeeze in emergency cases.


Knocked–out Tooth:

Rinse the tooth and see if you can put it back in its place and hold it there with your tongue. If you can’t, place it in salt water. If you get to us within an hour, we may be able to replant the tooth.


Dental Trauma:

If the dental emergency is due to physical activity try to get fast attention and don’t hesitate to call the ambulance.


Broken, Chipped, or Cracked Tooth:

Save the pieces if you can locate them, because we may be able to put them back in their place. If it’s a large piece, then a root canal may be required.


Pain Management:

A toothache or sensitive tooth should not be ignored because things can get worse real fast. Call us immediately if that’s the case.

Avoid very hot or cold foods or drinks and feel free to take some over the counter pain tablets to manage the pain until you make it to one of our offices.


Other Issues:

Make sure you have a first-aid kit handy.


Lost filling:

You will start collecting bits of food which can form bacteria so clean it off and fill the open filling with wax.


Brace Wires Break:

Use nail clippers to cut off any long wires that could injure you. Place wax on the areas left exposed.

Cracked Denture:

Use denture adhesive to manage it until you come in.


Loose Crown:

Place some denture adhesive on the inside where it’s loose but don’t go to sleep in this fashion just to be on the safe side. You don’t want to end up swallowing your crown.

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