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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that lightens or removes stains, yellowing, and other discolouration. We invite you to call one of our 20 Tooth Corner dental clinics serving Southern Ontario to schedule an appointment or ask questions about teeth whitening. Don’t you deserve a brilliant smile?

Patients can’t stop talking about the benefits of professional whitening, so whitening has become one of the most popular procedures in most dental offices. Teeth whitening often leads to better self-confidence, which can positively affect one’s career, as well as social pursuits. With two distinct options, in-office and home whitening, the Tooth Corner patients can enjoy the results they desire and the convenience of treatment that suits their schedule.

Why whiten your teeth?

A bright, easily shared smile conveys confidence, youth, and good health. Many factors can discolour your pearly-white tooth enamel, though. The two main categories of dental stains are extrinsic, or external, and intrinsic, or internal. Here are examples of each, what causes them, and how we whiten teeth in each situation:

Extrinsic dental stains: Extrinsic dental discolouration develops when staining agents buildup on the surface of teeth. This type of staining can be treated with professional chemical teeth whitening, either in our office in a single appointment or at your home over 7 to 14 days.

  • Dark beverages and foods – coffee, tea, red wine, colas, dark sauces, etc.

  • Acidic beverages and foods (make teeth more susceptible to staining) – citrus, wines, vinegar, etc.

  • Tobacco use, smoking or chewing

  • Time – teeth tend do discolour as we age, due to exposure to staining elements and thinning enamel

Intrinsic dental stains: Intrinsic stains occur inside teeth, beneath or inside tooth enamel. Chemically bleaching, or oxidizing, tooth enamel will not remove intrinsic stains. In some cases, chemical whitening can lighten enamel so that fluorosis lines are less obvious, but the white lines (stains) remain. To whiten teeth with intrinsic stains, restorative dentistry is usually recommended. Dark fillings and metal-based crowns can be replaced with all-ceramic or zirconia restorations. Thin enamel, fluorosis, and tetracycline stains can be covered with a ceramic or composite resin dental veneer.

  • Thin dental enamel – this can be natural or caused by acid erosion, but thin enamel allows yellowish dentin to show through, making teeth look yellowed

  • Fluorosis – white, horizontal lines on teeth caused by ingesting fluoride in youth

  • Tetracycline use – while in the womb or during childhood, tetracycline drug use (antibiotics) can cause a single tooth or all teeth to look off-white

  • Dark fillings or metal-based crowns – these restorations can show through a semi-translucent tooth, making it look shadowy and unhealthy


Chemical Teeth Whitening At-Home and In-Office

Whitening mouthwash, toothpaste, strips, and gels can brighten enamel, but not to the same degree as the teeth treatments offered at the Tooth Corner. Professional teeth whitening prescribed by a dentist is more potent than over-the-counter products because the active ingredient is stronger.

Instant whitening – In-office teeth whitening provides results immediately and can be completed in a single visit. Over the course of the following week, teeth continue to lighten. If you are going to attend a special event, if you are getting married, or having photos taken, in-office whitening may be the best option.

Home whitening – Our whitening kits work well for people seeking a more economical route, who are not concerned with the one-to-two-week treatment time. In general, home whitening involves using custom-fitted oral trays filled with whitening gel, once a day for about an hour. Wear the trays while driving or before bed. Results are comparable to in-office whitening but take longer to achieve. Keep your trays, instead of discarding them, for future use. You can touch-up your smile whenever it begins to discolour.

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To learn more, or to schedule your appointment for teeth whitening, call the Southern Ontario Tooth Corner dental office nearest you. Our goal is to give you a healthy and beautiful smile at an affordable price.

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