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Straighter teeth might be possible, without having to wear braces, if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign. The 20 Tooth Corner locations across Southern Ontario offer this innovative, clear aligner technology that’s an alternative to traditional metal bracket-and-wire braces. Patients enjoy having a natural smile during orthodontic treatment, as well as the ability to remove the clear aligners when eating or cleaning their teeth. Invisalign even offers a special product for teenagers.

If you’d like to learn whether Invisalign is an option for your smile, call the Tooth Corner location nearest you, or schedule your consultation online.

How Invisalign Works

With Invisalign, clear acrylic mouth trays use gentle pressure to guide teeth into proper alignment. The trays are not anchored to the mouth in any way, so they’re removable; simply wear them like an athletic mouth guard or bruxism night guard.

Your appointment at the Tooth Corner will involve a discussion about your goals and expectations, followed by a thorough oral exam and review of your records. We will probably need to take x-rays, unless we have recent x-rays on file for you. The dentist will use Invisalign software to develop your unique treatment plan.

Each set of aligners is custom-made at an Invisalign-certified lab. Every tray is a bit different so that over the full course of treatment, teeth move incrementally until they reach their final destination. You’ll wear a tray for about two weeks before discarding it and wearing the next one in your series. The dentist will evaluate your teeth at six-week progress checks. If you comply with use, wearing your trays for 22 or more hours per day (including when you sleep), you will probably complete treatment in less time than traditional braces. The dentist will tell you how many trays will be in your treatment plan and how long treatment will last, after your initial evaluation.

Benefits of Clear, Removable Braces:

    • Clear and inconspicuous

    • Removable, for special events, eating, and cleaning

    • Comfortable acrylic design (no metal)

    • No need for wires, brackets, bands, or springs

    • Treatment generally takes 9 to 18 months, depending on the patient

    • No tightening appointments, which cause soreness

    • No painful mouth sores from friction or poking metal

    • Cleaning your teeth is super easy – just brush and floss like normal

    • No dietary restrictions, as there are with traditional braces

    • Great for teens and adults

    • Often works well for adults who had orthodontic treatment in adolescence


Great for Teens

The makers of Invisalign knew that teenagers are unique, so they designed Invisalign Teen with their habits (and their parents) in mind. Invisalign Teen comes with up to six additional, free aligners to replace lost or damaged aligners. It also has Blue Dot Technology, which measures compliance. A blue dot on the side of each aligner fades as the appliance is worn. If the dot doesn’t fade, the patient is not wearing the aligner as directed – and both parents and dentist will know!

Schedule Your Invisalign Consultation

To learn more about Invisalign for yourself or your teen, call the Tooth Corner location nearest you, in Southern Ontario. Invisalign works in many cases, but sometimes it isn’t the best option. If Invisalign isn’t right for you, our dentist will provide alternative treatment options to achieve the straight teeth and beautiful smile that you want.

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