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Children's Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Your children are welcome at the Tooth Corner! All our Southern Ontario dental clinics offer pediatric dentistry, which caters to the unique oral health needs of infants, young children, and adolescents. Our dentists and staff partner with parents, helping families learn how to maintain good oral health with professional dental care and daily brushing and flossing.

A pediatric dentist undergoes four years of dental training and an additional two years studying dental care for children. To schedule appointments for your toddlers or kids, call the Southern Ontario Tooth Corner nearest you today.

Children’s Dentistry

A pediatric dentist offers a complete range including oral health exams, preventive care through twice yearly check-ups to monitor growth and cleaning, filling cavities, assessment for orthodontics (braces), and treating gum disease. In some instances, it is necessary to repair or replace a chipped or broken tooth in a child. Dental and oral injuries are common in kids who participate in sports, which is why we strongly recommend that young athletes wear a mouth guard.

We focus on two main goals with our young patients. First, kids need to establish good oral healthcare habits that they’ll carry with them throughout life. We take time to explain the why and how of dentistry, in a way kids can understand them. Parents appreciate that we provide advice and encouragement on healthy eating and lifestyle habits, as well.

The second focus is excellent oral health for today and tomorrow. Our goal is to help you keep your child’s oral health in great shape, so they will enjoy their natural teeth throughout life. We may suggest interceptive orthodontics for children who need a larger arch to accommodate developing teeth. Interceptive orthodontics is one way we help parents prepare children for better dental health in the future.

Common Questions for a Pediatric Dentist

When will my baby develop teeth?

Infants usually develop the first two lower teeth during their first 6-10 months. See the Canadian Dental Association’s chart for tooth development here, to learn more.

When will my child begin to lose primary teeth and develop permanent teeth?

Primary teeth start to fall out around age six or seven. Proper dental care during this crucial time prevents decay and teaches children healthy habits. Permanent teeth follow the loss of primary teeth, and the time between can range from days to years. See the Canadian Dental Association’s chart for tooth development here, to learn more.

When your child should first visit the dentist?

Infants should see a dentist within six months of the first tooth erupting, or by age one. It may not seem important for a child with one tooth to visit the dentist. A brief checkup, however, will allow us to ensure that your little one has no oral health issues that you are unaware of, and it will give you peace of mind.

How should I brush my baby’s tooth/teeth?

Purchase an infant or toddler toothbrush and flouride-free toothpaste. A pea-size portion of toothpaste is all that’s necessary on the bristles. Wet the brush. Then gently scrub the teeth up and down, back and forth, as you would your own. Your child will bite the brush in the beginning, but after time and watching Mom and Dad brush their teeth, your little one will get the hang of things.

Parents should help with brushing until children are capable of brushing on their own (age three or so), and then monitor children’s efforts. When multiple teeth develop, flossing should be introduced.

When does my child need checkups?

Regular check-ups every six months are recommended, but some children need to visit the dentist more frequently. The pediatric dentist will let you know the frequency at which you should schedule visits for your kids.

Are x-rays safe for my child?

The Canadian Dental Association deems dental x-rays safe. The dentist can often see development issues occurring below the gums, in the jaw, on x-rays. Cavities between teeth and small cracks are also visible on x-ray when they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Because of this, x-rays will significantly help us keep your child’s mouth healthy.

How can I help protect my children’s teeth from cavities?

Never put your infant to bed with a bottle. After age three, fluoride toothpaste should be used. If your community’s water supply is flouride-free or your family uses well water, add fluoride mouthwash to your child’s daily brushing routine. If your child is prone to cavities, we may suggest dental sealants for protection from cavity-causing bacteria and acids.

Call us For an Appointment

Dental work for children is determined based upon need, age, and other factors. Every child is unique and deserves a personalized treatment plan. Your pediatric dentist will develop a personal plan for your child, when necessary. In Southern Ontario, call the Tooth Corner nearest you to schedule an appointment for your infant, child, or teen.

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