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The Wise Tooth

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

No body likes a wise guy, especially if he’s a pain in the mouth. At the Tooth Corner, we have dentists specialized in wisdom tooth extraction and care.

Wisdom teeth refer to the four molars on each side of our upper and lower jaw and they are the last teeth to grow usually in early adulthood.

If wisdom teeth grow in properly and straight, they may not need to be removed. Unfortunately, and commonly, wisdom teeth cause a host of oral problems, including pain, infection, tooth decay, misalignment, and even jaw and nerve damage when it develops – tooth decay, infection or periodontal disease.

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Services done with regards to this in our dental clinics throughout Ontario, help examine your wisdom teeth or your child’s wisdom teeth, then determine the best treatment options, and remove or extract the wisdom teeth, when needed.

They may grow sideways impacting the tooth in front of them, or they may not erupt at all and stay UN-erupted under the gums, or even partially erupted leaving a small portion of the tooth exposed and this will cause pain, swelling, and other likely infections. At this stage, we recommend early removal to prevent problems.

At the Tooth Corner in Ontario we will help by carrying out x-rays to assess whether or not your wisdom teeth may cause potential problems and we monitor their development.

Preparing for Wisdom tooth extraction

The Wisdom Teeth surgical procedure involves the teeth or tooth being extracted either because it has already become impacted or has potential problems. While the extraction process can be a troublesome procedure, our experts will handle it with ease.

We will best diagnose Wisdom teeth extractions with the use of panoramic and digital X-rays, and after we are done with the procedure, always ensure you rinse your mouth with salt and warm water, brush your teeth away from the treated area, and avoid hard foods such as rice – so it doesn’t get in & get stuck in the gums leading to inflammation.

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