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7 Reasons Why an Electric Toothbrush is a Dental Essential

By : on : 25th June 2018 comments:(0)

Daily brushing and flossing is an essential part of dental care. But are you making the most of your two minutes each morning and evening?

Electric toothbrushes are a quick and economical way of taking your dental hygiene to the next level, and so helping to keep you out of the dentist’s chair. Here are seven strong benefits electric toothbrushes can bring.

1) Faster, Deeper Brushing

A standard electric toothbrush averages more than 3,000 brush strokes a minute, while more powerful models can reach up to 40,000. This is between ten and a hundred times faster than brushing by hand, providing deeper brushing and more powerful removal of bacteria. Two minutes with an electric brush can be worth half an hour of normal brushing.

2) Better Plaque and Tartar Removal

The high speed is also far more effective at removing plaque, the bacterial build-up which increases the risk of decay and cavities and preventing it from hardening into damaging tartar.

3) A Whiter Smile

But it’s not only dental health which benefits from faster brushing speeds. Everyday staining caused by coffee, wine, or spicy foods is no match for an electric toothbrush. Regular brushing will stop new stains from forming, and over time it’ll also work to remove older discoloration.

4) Less Sensitivity

Electric toothbrushes are kinder to your teeth and gums, as you need to use less pressure to get the same cleaning results. This helps to avoid sensitive teeth and painful, swollen gums.

5) Prevent Gum Disease

Electric toothbrushes fight gum disease on two fronts. Their more efficient brushing is better at clearing away harmful bacteria, while the lower risk of swelling makes it harder for any remaining bacteria to enter the gums and do their infectious work.

6) Good for the Planet

Most electric toothbrush heads are fully recyclable, compared to manual toothbrushes which need to be thrown away every few months. Every little helps to lessen the strain on the planet and its dwindling resources.

7) Combat Bad Breath

Lastly, an electric toothbrush can remove tiny scraps of food from even the hardest-to-reach gaps in your smile. This is an effective way of neutralizing bad breath – not to mention stopping nasty tastes in your mouth throughout the day.

All of these benefits add up to making electric toothbrushes an essential for great dental health. Good oral hygiene is an excellent habit to build, and going electric is a powerful way of getting the most out of your daily brushing.

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