The Tooth Corner Dental Offices in Ontario Canada
A dentist performing a dental checkup on a patient
by Dr Hassan El Awour 19th June 2022

Impacts of Oral Hygiene on Overall Health

Everyone knows that bad oral hygiene can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other dental health problems. However, what if I told you that poor oral h...

tooth paste and brush
by Dr Hassan El Awour 19th May 2022

Oral Hygiene Routine – Basics of Oral Health

Did you know that along with other things, the general health of your body is directly linked to your oral health? This makes it essential to practice...

by Dr Hassan El Awour 6th January 2022

New Year Resolutions for a Healthier Smile

We all want to start 2022 off right—for some, that might mean vowing to eat healthier, exercising more than you have in the past or making quality f...

Plaque buildup along the gum line
by Dr Hassan El Awour 20th December 2021

Plaque – What it is and How to Prevent it?

You may already know that it is essential to brush your teeth regularly and follow a good oral hygiene practices to prevent plaque buildup in the mout...

Tooth extraction
by Dr Hassan El Awour 29th November 2021

Post-Operative Dental Care Tips

Post-operative care is crucial for recovery with all types of surgery. When it comes to dental procedures, post-operative dental care should be your n...

causes of bleeding gums
by Dr Hassan El Awour 24th October 2021

Common Causes of Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can be a serious cause of concern. Contrary to what most people believe, bleeding from gums after brushing or flossing is not part of th...

too much sugar iimpact on toothh
by Dr Hassan El Awour 16th September 2021

Sugar Sabotaging your Tooth ?

Sugar. It’s crafty. While it shows itself in sweets, cakes and other treats, it loves to lurk in foods that you may not suspect like bread, salad dr...

tooth extraction
by Dr Hassan El Awour 25th November 2019

What to Expect with a Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is a medical procedure that involves pulling out a tooth. As much as we hate it, sometimes, there’s no other way but to have your t...

tooth sensitivity
by Dr Hassan El Awour 10th November 2019

Top 5 causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Do you often experience a surge of pain just as you bite into food, take the first sip of a steaming beverage or bite down on an ice cream cone?  If ...

wisdom tooth swelling
by Dr Hassan El Awour 24th June 2019

Wisdom Teeth Swelling and What to do About It

Sure, they are called “wisdom” teeth but these molars can easily land you in trouble. Found at the back of the mouth, these teeth can represent a ...

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