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The Tooth Corner Dental Office Innisfil

At The Tooth Corner Innisfil dental office, the one behind the smile is our #1 priority – that’s you! We’ve been providing premium, affordable dental care for over 15 years, with honesty and empathy, and always welcome new patients. Call today at our Innisfil dental clinic. We accept all Insurance plans and our team will help you maximize your dental benefits prior to year end.


Dental Emergency:

Dental emergencies can happen, and the most common types are toothaches, a chipped or broken tooth, and a knocked-out tooth. It’s crucial that you are treated as quickly as possible, and that’s why we provide emergency dental care at Tooth Corner in our emergency dental clinic!

In all dental emergencies, it’s imperative that you come directly to us for urgent dental care. If you are able, call us first to let us know you are coming so we can prepare and get you in to see one of our doctors immediately. In a dental emergency, our goal is to: 1) Relieve dental pain 2) Reassure you so you feel calm & confident 3) Make an evaluation of the extent of the injury 4) Complete repairs quickly & comfortably.

Children’s Dentistry

It is important to have your child’s teeth assessed by a dental profession. Our dentist will examine your child and will recommend treatments based on the teeth health. We have specialized child dentist to take care of you kid. Many orthodontic problems are easier to correct and sometimes, average cost of braces is less if kids are treated early rather than when the jaw has finished growing.

Restoring Teeth With Dental Crowns

At some point in our adult lives, many of us will lose a tooth to injury, decay, or gum disease. When that happens, chewing force in the back can shift to the front or opposite side, and these teeth can flare out, causing unwanted spaces and changing the very structure of your smile.

We can restore and even improve a smile using a combination of tooth crowns and bridges to support or even replace lost teeth.

If you’re having a problem with one or more of your teeth, we’ll help you decide which treatment is best to restore your teeth to their normal function.

Dental Braces

No matter what age you are, braces come with a silver lining, both figuratively and literally. Traditional braces are made of a compound containing pure silver, which has proven to be the most durable and safest combinations of metals. Give us a call if you’re looking for the dentist for braces. We’ll help you find the best treatment with braces for your teeth while keeping the cost of dental braces affordable even without insurance. And ask us about a braces payment plan.

Dental Implants

As in the past, the secret behind many great smiles is “cosmetic dentistry” – the dental care to fix teeth with beautiful esthetics, completed by general dentists. With any smile, achieving natural realism is the key.

· Porcelain veneers are bonded to the fronts, sides, tops, or bottoms of teeth. Their translucence and natural color create depth and high realism.

· Whitening adds youthfulness to any smile.

· Other techniques include gum reshaping, dental implants, braces, crowns, white-colored fillings, and tooth proportioning.

Cosmetic dentistry, once reserved for the rich and famous, is now available for everyone! Whether you want a little or a lot, call us today for your consultation!

Zoom Teeth Whitening

You’ve likely heard about Zoom Whitening, our in-office teeth whitening program. It is safe, highly effective, and fast. Your teeth may be whitened by up to ten shades in only one office visit.

What causes teeth to discolor?

· Consumption of beverages and foods with staining properties such as black tea, coffee, colas, red wine, dark berries, and tobacco products.

· Aging

· Some medications

· Excessive fluoride

· And genetics.

Almost anyone can have a brighter smile, so if you’re thinking about brightening your smile, it’s important to have a consultation with us so that we can check your oral health and discuss your smile goals and the best way to achieve them.

Sleep Dentistry

Do you have anxiety or fear “going to the dentist”? Well, you’re like over 35 million North Americans who cannot visit their dentist because of it. And that’s really something that, as a health care givers, dentists and dental teams across the country – including us! – work hard to address because your oral health is so connected to your overall health. To ensure you can get the care you need, deserve, and want, we have provided sedation to dispel the negative emotions that can severely impact your dental health. Sedatives calm and relax you prior to and during your dental appointment.

Dental Hygiene:

In order to maintain healthy teeth and gums, routine cleanings with your hygienist are necessary. During these visits, plaque, tartar, and debris are removed from the surfaces of the teeth. This helps sweep away harmful bacteria that can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. To help keep your mouth healthy between visits, we can also demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques for you to practice at home.

Root Canal Therapy

In many cases, decay and damage can be addressed with fillings, crowns, or other custom dental restorations. However, if the infection reaches the center of the tooth, root canal therapy could be the only feasible option. Root canal therapy is effective and is often the only way to save a tooth from extraction. Speak to our dental expert about root canal therapy.

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