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Oral care in sickness

Special care for your teeth in adverse health conditions

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Oral care is one of the basic daily activities we all go through. Our body is exposed to the outer world through the nosocomial and oral route. Hence it is very important for you to take special care of your oral hygiene when you’re sick. Even in the case of pregnancy, special care should be taken, because it not only affects the mother’s oral health but also can expose the risk to the infant in the perinatal period. If you would like to know about oral hygiene during pregnancy please read our next blog post.

  1. During illness, we tend to become a bit slower, our metabolism is altered. Hence we need even better care to keep our oral cavity clean. Be assured that you don’t share your toothbrush with anyone. Even in healthy conditions, it’s not advisable to use someone else’s brush. But during any sickness, special attention must be paid to this point.
  2. Rinse your oral cavity if you have a stomach ache or if you have vomited, make sure you have cleaned your mouth properly and brushed after that.
  3. Use sugar free cough drops instead of cough lozenges. The lozenges are full of sugar and can build up sugar around your teeth.
  4. Stay hydrated when you are not well. When your nose is stuffed with secretions and throat is itching, you should make sure that you drink water more often to keep hydrated.
  5. When the episode of illness is over and you are feeling healthy again, make sure that you buy a new tooth brush and dispose of your old one.



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