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What you need to know about Root Canal Therapy

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Our teeth need regular cleaning and proper hygiene. Irregular habits cause dental cavities and other issues that lead to tooth decay, infection, and in turn, result in cavities and other serious dental issues. Such problems when detected early, can be easily managed by a professional and experienced dentist. Neglected cases lead to total damage of the tooth and its pulp. Some conditions may lead to swelling and excessive pain. Root canal therapy is the solution to such problems.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

The term Root Canal Therapy or procedure may sound scary but is a very effective procedure with good prognosis. A fair understanding of the procedure and the relief it offers afterward could help people accept the procedure.

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The internal structure of any tooth includes the nerve that is surrounded and protected by the pulp. The pulp of the tooth consists of blood vessels and nerves. Due to several reasons, the pulp is susceptible to infection and inflammation. Trauma to the tooth or cavity formation that is left untreated can cause bacteria to infect the pulp. The gradual progression of the infection can result in swelling of the gums, pain, and irritation of the nerve.

A fine crack in the tooth surface, a small cavity, or repeated fillings can lead to a bacterial infection inside the tooth. Once the pulp is inflamed and swollen or a very deep filling is performed, it places pressure on the nerve resulting in increased pain and discomfort that cannot be alleviated with medication alone. Root canal therapy is advised at this point to relieve the nerve pressure and save the tooth from complete loss or removal.

The purpose of treatment is to salvage the affected tooth and prevent against the spread of an infection that would require a more intensive and invasive procedure. The management of dental problems will rely on the expertise of the dentist to ensure that quality care solutions are provided in support of individual healthcare needs. Endodontic treatment aims to relieve pain and nerve agitation including the complete loss of the tooth.

How to Benefit from Root Canal Therapy

The procedure includes cleaning bacteria and infection from in and around the tooth structure including the removal of the nerve that has become highly and abnormally sensitive. Patients may experience mild forms of sensitivity after treatment, but symptoms will gradually diminish and improvements in oral health will be palpably felt. There is no need to live with severe symptoms and tooth problems with effective solutions available to address them.




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