The Tooth Corner Dental Offices in Ontario Canada
impact of soming on teeth
by Dr Hassan El Awour 18th December 2018

What Smoking Really Does to Your Teeth

We all have bad habits, though some do more harm for our health than others. Unfortunately, using cigarettes and tobacco is one of the most common unh...

Oral care in sickness
by Dr Hassan El Awour 18th May 2017

Special care for your teeth in adverse health conditions

Oral care is one of the basic daily activities we all go through. Our body is exposed to the outer world through the nosocomial and oral route. Hence ...

by Dr Hassan El Awour 8th April 2017

Oral Cancer Awareness Month; One Of 3 Reasons Dentists Love April

Dentists love every day of every month of the year because they get to fight off cavities and defend the teeth of their trusting patients. But our den...

visit the dentist
by Dr Hassan El Awour 18th February 2017

7 signs that you need to visit the dentist

Sometimes going to the dentist twice a year isn’t enough to prevent issues that interfere with good oral health. Fortunately, your body provides you...

brushing your teeth
by Dr Hassan El Awour 11th February 2017

Brushing Your Teeth:The Do’s & Don’ts

We’ve all heard our dentists tell us to “brush twice a day and floss regularly.” But is that all you need to do to build strong teeth and gums? ...

Prevent Caries Dental care Tips
by Dr Hassan El Awour 12th May 2016

Chewing Sugar-Free Gum Boosts Your Oral Health

GUM ISN’T ALL ABOUT freshening your breath. While it definitely helps after that garlic pasta you had for lunch, did you know chewing sugarless gum ...

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