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The Tooth Corner Dental Offices in Ontario Canada


At The Tooth Corner, we pride ourselves in premium, yet affordable dental care. We’re a warm family of dentists with various locations throughout Southern Ontario in Canada.

expecting mothers what to expect at dentist
by hassan 13th January 2016

What To Expect At The Dentist… When You’re Expecting

IF YOU’RE PREGNANT, you’re probably worried about anything and everything that may affect your baby, especially if you’re a first-time mother. B...

dentist can tell a lot from your mouth
by hassan 5th January 2016

What Your Dentist Can Tell By Looking In Your Mouth

DENTISTS AREN’T JUST LOOKING FOR CAVITIES at your routine checkup. A quick examination of your mouth can reveal a lot more about your oral and overa...

green apple
by hassan 29th December 2015

Foods That Naturally Whiten Teeth

REGULAR BRUSHING AND FLOSSING remain your best protection against tooth decay and gum disease. However, there are some tooth-friendly foods out there ...

child injuries and dentistry
by hassan 6th December 2015

Guarding Your Child Against Playground Tooth Injuries

DID YOU KNOW that about 50 percent of kids experience some type of tooth injury during childhood? Most parents are prepared to treat minor cuts, scrap...

Baby using pacifier
by hassan 2nd November 2015

How Pacifiers Affect Your Baby’s Teeth

AS CHILDREN GROW OLDER, some parents begin to worry about their child’s thumb sucking or pacifier habits. This is a normal behavior for an infant, b...

brushing your teeth
by hassan 30th October 2015

Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun!

BRUSHING YOUR TEETH twice a day for two minutes is an important practice that helps keep your smile bright and healthy. But, does it have to be boring...

cold girl
by hassan 20th October 2015

Is Chilly Weather Hurting Your Teeth?

WE MAY FEEL the dropping temperature in our toes, but we shouldn’t be feeling it in our teeth! Some of us experience a shock of pain as we breathe i...

by hassan 11th October 2015

Wisdom Teeth: Why Do We Have Them?

WHEN DENTISTS SEE emerging wisdom teeth are going to cause dental problems, wisdom tooth removal is likely in the cards. Wisdom teeth–also known as...

by hassan 11th October 2015

Dental SEO and its challenges

As The ToothCorner launches is new website, we have brought together the 15 locations to one website and fresh branding initiatives are taken in order...

by hassan 11th October 2015

Oral Health And Hearing: Brushing Is Music To Our Ears

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD your favorite music performed live? You likely noticed things that often don’t come across in a low-quality recording—the exa...

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